Refugee Voices Tours founded in 2015 by activists and refugees living in Berlin. Our walking tours and workshops seek to inform the public about why so many people have been forced to flee their countries and seek refuge in Europe. We draw parallels between Europe’s own history of revolutions, wars and migration to create a relatable dialogue around what it means to be a refugee in 21st Century Europe and what issues lie at the heart of one of the most contentious topics of our time. Since 2015 we have offered tours and workshops to thousands of people from all across the world, from all age groups and all walks of life. Our community of guides continues to grow across Europe and most recently we have made it possible for the public to attend our tours online.

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Eyas Adi. 32 year old refugee in Germany since 2016, ex medical student and now a social worker and bike enthousiast. I was always involved with civil society initiatives such as with Iraqi refugees and children and then with the Syrian revolution. After fleeing from military service to come to Berlin, I naturally found refugee voices tours to tell our stories in a personal way.



Eden is from Eritrea and is living in Copenhagen as a refugee. She has been a guide with Refugee Voices Tours since Spring 2016.


An opportunity to listen to and eat with people who have direct knowledge of one of the great crises of our lifetimes. People pay small fortunes for that chance, but you can do it for a pittance. Berlin is incredibly lucky to host them, and you should take advantage of this luck.
The tour was so amazing and I can still remember some details and facts that I heard there for the first time. The best thing is that you are listening the story about Syrian war from the guide’s personal experience. It was a very personal moment we shared as we felt the emotions through his telling. We had the chance to go through German places where war took place, as the tour continues you notice that the war has the same bitter effects and leaves the same marks on history and people, no matter where it is.
Tour was a real eye-opener. Guide explained contemporary situation clearly& in v engaging way. Gave me an entirely new perspective on Syria & the international community’s role in the current conflict. Excellent


Homesick for Syria

More than two years and I’m still fighting with this life that is new to me, I don’t know what kind of destiny brought me here, It’s war and revolution, Displacement and migration, A language only understood by those who’ve...

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“In Light of the Darkness”

When people look back on the summer of 2016 they will ask how we got to this point. It is the summer of Brexit, the summer of Trump and now it is fast becoming the summer of terror. Every time...

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