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‘Why We’re Here’

In 2015 an estimated 1 million people arrived in Europe seeking refuge…Read more

Copenhagen tour

The tour lasts around 2 hours and takes in the diverse, alternative district of Nørrebro….Read more

‘A Journey Through the Refugee Rights Movement’

There is an expression that says you can’t judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes….Read more

‘In Somebody Else’s Shoes’ Workshop

After learning why so many people were forced to flee Syria and  understanding how the ‘refugee crisis’ was dealt …Read more

‘From Volunteer to Refugee’ Workshop

When we see a humanitarian crisis we often want to help those in need.   It is easy…Read more

Who we are

In the Sumer of 2015 a British, Berlin-based tour guide noticed an increased interest in the refugee situation among her tour groups. It was, of course, the summer when the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ was making headlines across the world. Lorna, who had already been involved in the refugee situation for a few years decided that it was not her place to talk about what was happening to refugees in Europe. The refugee situation is a humanitarian crisis that will undoubtedly be a defining aspect of this era but the stories and events that are unfolding are not being told by those who are living through it. Lorna wanted to give a platform to those who are so often talked about but rarely listened to and so she asked some friends who are living in Berlin as refugees to start doing walking tours in order to tell their stories. After just a couple of weeks, meetings and workshops, Refugee Voices Tours was born. In February 2016 a local tour guide from Copenhagen got in touch with RVT Berlin and said he wanted to offer similar tours in his city. After several Skype dates, lots of work by Jacob and the team and eventually some of the RVT Berlin team going to Copenhagen, the tours began in summer 2016,read more about them here.


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Originally from the UK, Lorna arrived in Berlin in the Summer of 2011, a naïve 21-year- old who fell in love with the vibrant, open-minded city.. Read more
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Tour Guide and Tour Designer
Mohamad comes from a small city just outside of Damascus. In Syria he was studying mathematics at university when the war came after which he fled to Libya Read more
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Abo Walid

Tour Guide and IT Manger
Abo Walid comes from a small city just outside of Damascus. Before he left Syria he was studying Communication and networking. Read more
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Hesham Moadamani

Tour Guide
Hesham Moadamani is a Syrian activist living in Berlin, Germany. During his first year of law school in Damascus, the Syrian revolution broke out. Hesham quickly got..Read more
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Soran Azad 

Tour Guide Copenhagen 
Soran Azad, aged 23, is a Kurd from Kurdistan in IraqRead more
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Tour Guide Copenhagen 
Eden is from Eritrea and is living in Copenhagen as a refugee. She has been a guide with Refugee Voices Tours since Spring 2016.


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