July 27, 2016

Why we’re here tour

A photo from the tour


Every Saturday at 15:00​


Run on donations

In 2015 an estimated 1 million people arrived in Europe seeking refuge, many of these people came from Syria. The media focuses intensely on the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ but often fails to mention why people have been forced to flee their countries. This tour, led by a Syrian refugee, gives you the chance to understand, first-hand, the situation in Syria and why it became too dangerous for many people to stay. By using places of historical significance in Berlin, the walking tour seeks to draw parallels between what has happened in the history of Berlin and what is currently happening in Syria. The idea is to make us realise that none of us are immune to turbulent times, that the refugees of today are escaping real danger and that we have the means to offer them a safe place in Europe. By understanding the situation in Syria, we can start to change our attitudes to those fleeing to Europe.
When: Every Saturday at 15:00

Where: At the Ubahn station of Mohrenstrasse, take the exit from the station in the direction of Wilhelmstrasse and you will find us.

Duration: around 2 hours

End: Gendarmenmarkt. After the tour we invite you to Mandi Restaurant to try some authentic Syrian food at a family run restaurant for the price of 8euros per person.

Price of the tour: Our tours are run on a tip basis and a suggested donation of between 5 and 10 euros is what most ‘free tour guides’ expect in Berlin.

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