December 2, 2018

From Volunteer to Refugee

When we see a humanitarian crisis we often want to help those in need.  
It is easy for us to take the people we are trying to help out of context and simply label them as ‘those in need’, often not considering who they were before they were caught up in a crisis. 

Points Covered in this workshop

– Personal motivations for volunteering in Syria 

-Biggest challenges you faced as a volunteer in Syria and how they were overcome. 

-How it felt arriving in Germany and realizing that people were volunteering to help Syrians. 

-How did German volunteers treat Syrians? 

-What were the best things and the worst things Syrians experienced surrounding Volunteer work in Germany 

-How should we treat each other in a humanitarian setting as equals even if some people are helping and others are being helped? 

-Best practices for a healthy volunteering environment 


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