July 30, 2016

Mohamad {Tour Guide and Tour Designer}

Mohamad comes from a small city just outside of Damascus.

In Syria he was studying mathematics at university when the

situation came after which he fled to Libya to work as in a graphic

design shop. Things became too dangerous in Libya and

Mohamad came by boat to Europe. He’s been living in Germany

as a refugee for a year and a half and is still learning the

notoriously difficult language. In April 2016 Lorna and

Mohamad worked together to design the tour ‘Why We’re Here’.

He also works with the Daseinsfreunde team.

Favourite thing about Berlin: ‘I like Berlin because it is very

multicultural and the history of the city is very rich’

Favourite place in Berlin: ‘My favourite place in Berlin is

Gendarmenmarkt because it was a place where French refugees

settled in the 1600s showing that refugees have been welcome

in Berlin for centuries’