July 30, 2016


Originally from the UK, Lorna arrived in

Berlin in the Summer of 2011, a naïve 21-year- old who fell in love

with the vibrant, open-minded city. She lived on a square called

Oranienplatz, which just one year later would turn into an occupy

camp led by refugees who were fighting for their rights in Germany.

It was in this camp that Lorna became active in the community

through running a community cooking group in both the occupied

square and the occupied school. As a tour guide herself she realised

the impact of stories through walking tours and in the Summer of

2015 had the idea to start Refugee Voices Tours. As well as being a

local and Europe-wide tour guide, Lorna works in the Daseinsfreunde


Favourite thing about Berlin: ‘For me it has to be the history; Berlin

wears its scars where you can see them, never shying away from the

dark history at the same time as not forgetting to celebrate the

characters like Marlene Dietrich and David Bowie who captured the

essence of Berlin and used it in their art’.

Favourite place about Berlin: ‘I love taking tourists to the Soviet War

Memorial in Treptower Park, it is off the beaten track but so

impressive. It’s a classic example of how history can be used as

political propaganda and how dangerous it is to glorify war.

Hopes for the future: ‘I hope to make Refugee Voices Tours a global

project, happening in cities across the world and changing attitudes

through telling stories. More than anything, I hope that our current

guides will one day be able to go home and start something similar in

their home cities.’

contact : [email protected]