August 12, 2019

Hesham Moadamani


Hesham Moadamani is a Syrian activist living in Berlin, Germany. During his first year of law school
in Damascus, the Syrian revolution broke out. Hesham quickly got involved in the peaceful uprising
as a citizen journalist reporting news to local and international agencies. He later became a war
correspondent. In Jordan, he was actively helping other refugees, managing media outreach for civil
initiatives and represented the Shaam Relief Foundation in Jordan where he managed the Shaam
orphan project supporting orphaned refugees. He is currently completing a B.A in Ethics and
Politics at Bard College Berlin, where he also works for the civic engagement office and co-manages
“Campus Conversations”, a place for students, locals, and refugees to discuss important issues and
practice languages. Hesham offers educational walking tours through Refugee Voices Tours, which
draw parallels between German and Syrian history and explains the so-called refugee crisis from
personal experience. He is interested in the areas of migration and movement as well as
international justice and international criminal law.